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We provide Total Real Estate & Financial Solutions via International Business System (IBS) linked to your smartphone..

Therefore we invite limited number of people to knowledge up in Property, Finance, Financing, Funding & the Financial Merkets.

Getting paid to learn is a good way to keep your career skills sharp, and it may be the key to keeping your competitive edge in the future.
Here are six things you can do to constantly be learning new skills while you make money.

Sound crazy? It’s not that crazy I promise you. Prepare to be amazed by the opportunities you are going to find while learning !

This is What You Will Learn In The Creative Real Estate System 3.0:

4 How to become the expert in your area. You will learn how to apply the right strategies for YOUR area REGARDLESS of its conditions.
4 How to know the TRUE market VALUE of properties!
4 The STEP BY STEP approach to tackle real estate quickly, safely, creatively and with minimal risk
4 The BEST real estate investing strategies to use in DOWN MARKETS so it will never be an issue!
4 How and where to obtain quick financing so you don't have to use any of your own money or credit.
4 How to do LESS WORK and MAKE MORE by using the RIGHT resources.
4 How to leverage up your resources up to 5X in a matter of minutes.
4 The most effective business entities to use for a real estate business to avoid costly mistakes
4 How and where to research properties effectively to save hundreds of hours in time.
4 the BEST WAYS to creatively finance these properties RISK FREE.

Minimum Qualification For Enrollment:


4 Applicant must be aged from 25 and above.
3 Must have at least diploma qualification.
2 Knowledgeable in basic computer operations



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Why you interested to learn about real estate :


The IPIAM Group was set up to be scalable and to provide Total Real Estate Solutions for the Real Estate Sector in collaboration with branded and certified Strategic Partners locally and abroad !

But with that said, we do everything we can to help. In fact, check this out...

About Us - IPIAM Foundation

Whilst IPIAM's business focus is in real estate, we are cognizant of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In this endeavor, the Real Estate Foundation was deliberately set up to assist young graduates aspiring to pursue a career in real estate investment and assets management.

The Foundation also serves to help the deserving poor to own properties.

To date, the Foundation has over 3,000 members and growing.



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